The National Free Wills Network gives you the opportunity to develop warm donors into committed pledgers.

The National Free Wills Network comprises charities ranging from household names to those with a strong regional or local focus. The purpose of the Network is to offer free Will writing services to the charities’ known supporters.

The National Free Wills Network is a paid-for Wills programme whereby the charities pay for the Wills to be written, making it free for the supporter and removing one of the barriers to Will writing.

All 166 current member charities have access to a comprehensive (and ever expanding) national Network of Solicitors. With 885 law firms currently involved, on average we have a participating solicitor within 3.3 miles of each donor referred.

With the experience of over 45,000 Wills written, we know that three-quarters of the Wills include a legacy to the referring charity. We know this because all of the results are measurable and reported to the charity so they can see their excellent return on investment.

Are you a solicitor and would like to partake in the National Free Wills Network? Find out more here 

National Free Wills Network