Why A Solicitor Written Will?

A couple meeting with a solicitor to discuss their Will.

Capacity’s charity Will writing programme, the National Free Wills Network, was proud to sponsor the Legacies Track of the Fundraising Convention 2021, held online between 27th-29th September 2021.

The Legacies Track covered various topics, and Richard Millar (Managing Director) and Katie Roberts (Business Development Manager) of Capacity took the opportunity to discuss the importance of a solicitor written Will and how the National Free Wills Network enables charities to refer their supporters to have their Will written in the “gold standard” way, namely by a local solicitor usually within 3 miles of the supporter’s residence.

You can view the presentation by Richard and Katie below:


The act of writing or updating a Will is an integral part of successful legacy fundraising – without that update the wonderful message, finding it’s perfect audience unfortunately counts for nothing. So, who should write the Wills? We look at the question of quality and why it matters. We also show how the National Free Wills Network answers this challenge.

Richard Millar

Managing Director – Capacity Marketing for Charities

Richard joined Capacity Marketing for Charities in 2009. Taking over as Managing Director in 2020 his focus is cold and warm donor campaigns across the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. Capacity have generated over 80,000 gifts to charities through their Free Wills Month and National Free Wills Network programmes. A conservative estimate of their value is £750 million in future income.

Katie Roberts

Business Development Manager – Capacity Marketing for Charities

Katie joined the team at Capacity Marketing for Charities in late 2018 with focus on helping the company improve and grow. Despite the difficult backdrop of the pandemic during the past year Katie has overseen the first Free Wills Month in the Netherlands (May 2021) and the launch of the Free Wills Network in Ireland (January 2021). Progress in other European countries and Australia lie ahead alongside introducing new charities to Capacity’s programme’s in the UK.