Capacity is best known for organising and running the Free Wills Month campaign, targeting a cold audience, and the National Free Wills Network, connecting your charity’s warm audience with local law firms.  Specialising in conversion procedures to grow enquirers into pledgers with an emphasis on residuary gifts. 

Capacity are proud to provide a professional and simple service to charities both local and national to help boost legacy income.Each year, over £80 million is raised for charity clients. 

Left to their own devices around 7% of people who pass away each year choose to leave a charitable gift in their Will. The Free Wills concept multiplies that to more than 60%. Capacity’s Free Wills programmes connect people who are in Will-making mode (aged 55 and over) to local solicitors who write their Wills whilst emphasising the benefits of leaving a (non-obligatory) legacy gift. 

Legacy marketing gives the best return on investment of any form of fundraising but it often has to compete with other, more immediate, fundraising priorities. Capacity was formed to help charities make the most of their legacy marketing resources. 

Capacity’s focus is always on providing measurable outcomes to all legacy marketing activity.